Open Borders — Yes or No? An Analysis


“With an unlimited supply of immigration, and limited resources from the host nation, a policy of open immigration would just not be sustainable for the host nation.”

  1. An acceptance that open-borders is impossible thus the discussion is closed;
  2. ‘Solutions’ such as the exclusion of migrants from accessing welfare;
  3. Morally reprehensible outcomes such as the acceptance and legalisation of policies such as the imprisoning of families inside cocentration camps.
  • over what time frame this migration would occur;
  • and itdoesn’t take into account the factors which might prevent an individual from moving such as financial limitations, psychological barriers and cultural expectations.

Incoming Crisis.

“at lower poverty lines ($1.90 according to the UN’s definition of extreme poverty), the national redistributive capacity to end poverty emerges thus poverty is a matter of national inequality”


“At the $10 poverty lines, which is associated with permanent escape from poverty, global poverty remains a matter of global inequality, as while national resources could address global poverty at the lower lines, such resources would not be enough to end poverty at $10 per day.“

Why Universal Basic Income & not other welfare programs?

Now the big question is…

How can we as a society afford this?


What about privacy?

Aren’t transaction taxes bad?

Thanks for Reading.



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